For award-winning writer Dacia Arnold, there’s no place like home

What Inspires Your Writing?

Author Dacia Arnold Dacia Arnold describes herself as “an annoyingly chipper morning person.”

That’s why, in the pre-dawn darkness, you’ll find this award-winning novelist cozied up in her living-room writing nook?right in front of a large window?putting pen to paper.

The window is slightly ajar, and the sound of a rushing creek drifts in. With the first rays of light across the Colorado sky, cottonwood and aspen trees come into view. It is against this backdrop, steaming coffee mug in hand, that Dacia invents her worlds.

Other times, she just zones out.

Sometimes, I do not even write. Sometimes I hold my coffee with two hands, lean carefully back in my soft but unstable chair and I muse. I let my mind step out of the window and float amongst the leaves of the trees, fall to the water and chase the rapids between rocks. I think of other places…

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