These writers are achieving great things. Are you with us?

I don’t think I will ever get over being called “an author”. If you ever thought about writing, I HIGHLY recommend this month-long challenge.

What Inspires Your Writing?

The Page-a-Week Writers Club is really building steam! I’m blown away?but not surprised?by how many authors are jumping at the chance to make steady progress on their writing projects, even though they lead very busy lives.

You should join us, because it’s also your chance to climb to the next Tier of Authorship.

Tier of…huh?

Yesterday I asked the community to determine their Authorship Tier, which is a quick way to indicate where you are on your writing journey. If you missed the article, here it is.

Turns out, we’ve got quite a variety!

Dacia Arnold, Tier II, prefers to think of herself as “Tier II Plus.” She’s just about done with her first draft and plans to publish by the end of the year. Her novel, Apparent Power, is #2 at ChapterBuzz!

Nick Edinger, Tier II, is proving he can keep the momentum…

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