About the Con: Georgetown Writers Retreat

She does a much better job capturing the essence of the retreat. It was fun being in your “handful” Katy 🙂

Katy L. Wood

Ghost Town Blog Header

The first time I heard about the Ghost Town Writer’s Retreat in Georgetown Colorado was at the Hex Publishers booth at DINK Denver back in April 2017. As someone who grew up on Art Bell and the Twilight Zone, any mention of anything remotely spooky gets my attention immediately. So a ghost town themed writing retreat in my home state? And it was affordable? I was all in. Went home and snapped up a weekend pass the second I got my next paycheck and eagerly awaited the retreat.

About a month before the convention Mike contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to put together the convention program. I said sure, why not. It was a fun little project that involved delving into historical photo archives, doing some research on Georgetown, and digging up a lot of horror themed bits of vector art. We ended up with over 30…

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