The Personality Book Tag

I follow a blog called Trice Read that posted this tag today. I use Meyers Briggs personality types to help me develop characters.

If you want you can do this tag, I’m not going to tag a bunch of people but I’m curious to see what your personality is!

Get your free MBTI personality test at Sixteen Personalities or Personality Page.

All pictures in this post were borrowed from the Sixteen Personalities website.

What is your MBTI personality type?

So I retake this test often. I thought that the INFJ fit me to a T, but T must stand for “today” because after taking the test it says I am an ENFJ, but in my defense  extrovert and introvert are pretty split down the middle. So I’ll play the game today. I have the “Protagonist” personality which I absolutely love.

“Protagonists are natural-born leaders, full of passion and charisma. Forming around two percent of the population, they are oftentimes our politicians, our coaches and our teachers, reaching out and inspiring others to achieve and to do good in the world.”

What is your personality like?

I’m basically not shy and have a strong personality. I radiate authenticity, concern and altruism. I am genuine to a fault. I never have a hidden agenda because I find secrets and animosity exhausting. I am self aware of my own feelings “but if they get too caught up in another person’s plight, they can develop a sort of emotional hypochondria, seeing other people’s problems in themselves, trying to fix something in themselves that isn’t wrong.”

If you were a character in a book, what would be some of you character strengths and flaws?

Fluctuating self-esteem is a common theme for me. I only feel validated when I have reached the standard of outstanding that I know is my best work. Mediocrity makes me nervous and often causes me to question my abilities in everything versus just the one area that I succeeded at but was not my best work.

I am also super sensitive to my own emotions. I do act emotionally but I make this ridiculous attempt to make logical plans in response to my extreme emotional reactions.

Do any authors share your personality type?

Barack Obama, Oprah, MLK, Johnny Depp.

What fictional characters share your personality type?


I’m not overly excited about any of these.

If you were a character in a book, what job would you have?

“This attitude, alongside their social skills, emotional intelligence and tendency to be “that person who knows everybody”, can be adapted to quite a range of other careers as well, making Protagonists natural HR administrators, event coordinators, and politicians – anything that helps a community or organization to operate more smoothly.”

What personality type would complete your OTP?

Some one with a lot of patience and the ability to work through things for the ultimate goal of being happy and work toward that goal continuously. If at any point I feel that I am the only one trying to make it work, or the other person does something to hurt me, I immediately wonder if my efforts will even make a difference.

Who are some fictional characters that would complete your OTP?

Jon Snow. Easy. (He’s an INFJ)

What do you guys think? Would your personality match up with mine?


5 Reasons YOU Should Be Crafting (Or Know Someone That Does)

Get your hands dirty

I have always been a quick learner, fairly crafty, and extremely cheap. So when I met my good friend Jasmine of The Jaybird’s Nest, I knew she was my people. Through the years she has taught me some very valuable things. Not only that, but she helps me raise my kids. For this, I am indebted to her forever. lol So let me tell you some fun things she has taught me about crafting.

  1. It’s a marketable skill. If you decide you are done working and ready to “stick it to the man”, you have a means by which to support yourself. Now I’m not a HUGE dooms day prepper, but let’s face it, if you can make things then you can trade things. People need clothes. If you can crochet, knit, or sew then BAM, you’re a valuable asset.
  1. Signs, Signs, and more SIGNS!!! Nothing boosts your mood like a well-placed snarky sign. The possibilities are endless. Christmas, Halloween, even spring!! They make me happy, they make you happy. Everyone needs more happy. PLUS you save a bazillion dollars on decorating your home. Find some ugly furniture with good bones at a yard sale, and wha-la! You can transform it to match your décor without dropping a few hundred dollars at ikea.

Picture by The Jaybird’s Nest- Mass production underway.

  1. OMG kids are much cuter in something that was custom made for them. This should actually be its own post. I am fighting the urge to just not leave an explanation and flood the rest of this with adorable pictures of children and homemade stuffs.

My Little Miss. Her shirt, the sheet, and the frame were made by The Jaybird’s Nest.

  1. Cheaper than therapy- Plus emotions BLECK! There is something about finishing a project that really teaches you a lot about yourself. Whether that “finish” means you return it to the trash where you got it, or it ends up as the beautiful piece you envisioned all along, you learn how much patience you have, how much coffee you can consume, and how long you can actually ignore your children whining about “She’s touching meeeee” Seriously, she can’t even crawl. Just scoot 5 more inches and you are safe from your octopus-banshee sister. Sheesh!


  1. Supporting small business. For some crafters, your support could help them buy yet another pair of cleats because the ones they bought last week no longer fit. For others (like me) it saved me money on having to BUY you a Christmas present so that I could buy my guy another Stay Puft Marshmellow Man because he lost his at the doctor’s office.

The Jay Bird’s Nest “Before”


The Jaybird’s Nest “After”

I make things because I have a driving need to be creative as most crafters do. It is a healthy outlet, plus power tools make me feel… Powerful? lol And when that one project turns out so good, you want everyone to see it when they come over, there is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment. Or you could just be happy you finished something before starting a fifth project.


I did this yesterday. It was the cushioned backing of an UGLY bench. Now it’s a beautiful photo board 😀

I asked my mister yesterday (while I was painting in the kitchen and MAYBE i got a little paint on the counter) if he was annoyed with my crafting. He said no, not at all, but he just wishes that I would finish my projects before starting them so I don’t have a dresser hanging out in the garage, taking up space for a couple of years before I ultimately abandon it anyway. But hey, you win some, you lose some.

Why do you craft???

Teething: The Cold Hard Truth


Imagine, if you will, an ache. A small swollen pain that is constant and further irritated by doing the one thing that soothes you. Then remove your ability to fix it, or even articulate your need for assistance aside from screaming bloody murder and thrashing around. You have become a miniature angry octopus-banshee creature that is utterly inconsolable. This is my child.

You have become a miniature angry octopus-banshee creature that is utterly inconsolable.

No, I did not get lip injections, I was somehow kicked in the face multiple times. While I tried to pretend  it was a massage, my muscles were not fooled. Yes I did shower today in a desperate attempt to wake up, however this hair style is called the my-eyes-were-still-closed bun. If I had not set my kids clothes out last night, they would be wearing pajamas to the sitter. I also sincerely apologize to the gentleman that I MIGHT have cut off today on the highway. Your middle finger was very much warranted. Thank you for not retaliating in any other way like tailgating, honking or the like.

Normally I am that annoyingly chipper morning person, so I’m just guessing this is Karma coming back at me. Well played, life. Well played. I am far too nice to not smile back at everyone I see, but it is seriously exhausting to do so.

I cannot taste my coffee. It is having zero effect. I desperately wish it was Friday instead of Wednesday but it is feeling so much like the third Monday of the week. Oddly enough I will probably be far more productive today in attempts to compensate for my lack of motivation.

But after such a torturous night, waking up to happy kids puts a nice buffer on the rest of the day. Pulling myself out of bed after only hitting snooze once, made for an easier morning and less rushing.


It is amazing what an hour nap does for a baby. I love you, Pumpkin, but you have made Mommy’s day suck really bad. And there does not seem to be an end in sight. I’m scared to google “how long does teething last” because my four year old now has molars coming through. Heaven help me.


Sometimes My Kids Creep Me Out

Do you ever have those moments when your child completely creeps you out?? My son tells me to put my ear to the floor of his play room and he says “Can you hear that??? He’s in the walls. There is someone in the walls.”


Then the other night I was laying in his bed making shadow puppets on the ceiling with a flashlight. He pointed to the ceiling between animals and says, “There he is! He’s in the walls, up THERE!” My son has a loft bed and the hatch for the attic is in his room. SUPER creepy. Thanks, little dude, for giving mommy the heebie-geebies.

Also, with my husband’s and my Cherokee heritage, our kiddos have quite a bit of Native American features. This includes crazy dark brown eyes. My husband’s eyes are almost black. My son’s eyes are getting a little lighter, but my daughter has NO color to her eyes. They are completely black.


Cute as she is, this is what horror movies are based on. My little Sacajawea baby. She also has a “Mongolian Ink” birth mark on her tiny tush. She is going to kill me when she gets to high school and reads through these. When I brought her home from the hospital I thought my poor teeny baby got a bruise on her butt from her car seat. But good ole WebMD set me straight. “Mongolian spots are very common in any part of the body of dark-skinned babies. They are flat, gray-blue in color (almost looking like a bruise), and can be small or large. They are caused by some pigment that didn’t make it to the top layer when baby’s skin was being formed. They are harmless and usually fade away by school age.” My littles apparently have far more Cherokee blood than their mama. Only about 1-10% of Caucasian babes have this type of birth mark.

These creepy little people are truly the best. I cannot get enough of them. They are funny and smart and keep me on my toes. It is a struggle to work 40 hours a week but it gives me the opportunity to miss them. Here is proof that they aren’t monsters. Just look at those dimples.


100!!! -I’m doing a Give-Away!


There have been a few events that make me feel like a legitimate writer. This is one of them. I have reached 100 followers on my Blog! I know a lot of you read from FaceBook, but if you’d like to contribute to my following click the “+Follow” button at the bottom right side of your screen and follow me via email.


In honor of my HUGE milestone, I would like to offer a give away. I will do a random drawing for a custom artsy fartsy project handmade by yours truly. I haven’t quite put my finger on what it will be, but I promise it will be made with love. ❤ There will be 3 winners, so your chances of winning something are pretty high. I will also ship these items, so please do not feel limited by miles. For an idea of the kind of crafty things I do, you can check THIS  out.

How do I enter??? 

First- Follow my blog! lol Then you have a few options:

  1. Reblog your favorite Britestfyrefly post on your own page and link it back to me so I know who you are.
  2. Share the link to one of your favorite posts on Facebook and tag me.
  3. Email the link to your favorite post to a few people and CC me.


You may share as much as you want. Each link shared will get you an entry into the drawing which will happen Live on Facebook on February 28th and be posted and shared later that day.

Thank you all for all of your support through the last couple of years. A writer is nothing without readers 😀


via Daily Prompt: Capable I am easily my worst critic. I am constantly inside myself, second guessing everything. The challenge is, whatever it is, I should do it anyway. If it is successful, I win. If it is something less than what it should be, yeah it might suck bad and my ego will take a strong hit, but I put myself out there when others did not. That, in itself, is a victory.

Okay, lets bring it back to the day to day. is my favorite measure of success. Most frequently it is recipes, but sometimes I will get a creative itch to paint or recreate something I have pinned. Here is the link to a board where I keep all of my personal creations.

New foods are fun. Maybe not the first time around, but there are some true winners.


Meatloaf Monster was a ton of fun to look at, but if you’re not a fan of regular meatloaf, the novelty ends there. I love meatloaf AND bacon. Mr Meatloaf did not last very long.

When I am feeling particularly artsy fartsy, I will chose what I like to call a “trash project” where I take trash and make it into some sort of home decor. These shutters I decorated for my two kiddos are super fun and soooo easy. I do tell people concerning 90% of my work, to not look too closely. I am not trying to sell my stuff at Pier One, I’m simply making fun art for me and my family to enjoy.


When I have patience and hours to spare, I crotchet. During my second deployment, one of the doctors taught me how to read and follow patterns, and now I can almost recreate anything without one. Dragon hat is a pattern I actually followed but the gem is my own embellishment I added when my son could not keep the hood from falling back.


I am a sucker for instant gratification. Painting is probably the quickest way to make something pretty cool. It has been my “go-to” craft lately. They make for easy, inexpensive and very personalized gifts for the family. I’m not scared to let my nerd flag fly. This is one of my favorites… Get it?!?!


I have some pretty bad disasters that emerge from time to time. Food does not always come out how I thought it would, or is not enough this or that. My paint lines are not straight and the words might be completely crooked. But when it comes down to it, I am completely capable of creating something beautiful out of nothing. String into clothes, trash into art, wood into furniture. These are all marketable skills if sh!t were to hit the fan and the world was reduced to bartering goods.

I am a Pinterest addict. Share your profile so I can see what you’re up to!

It Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You

I never believed it for a second. I cannot help but feel a huge disconnect when I look back on my childhood. To say I was brought up by fairly hands off parents would seem accurate. I was not taught much about emotional processing. I was taught to do what I was told and to shut my emotions down. My mom was not my friend and dad was terrifying. Yet, here I am. I am a happy, healthy adult with a solid job, a beautiful home and two littles of my own.

As a parent, I have NO idea what I am doing. My ultimate goal is to not mess up my kids. But I have found that because I was never able to fully process my own childhood emotions, that I identify far too much with the struggles of my 3 y/o. When he is frustrated and finding it difficult to communicate, it hurts my heart so much.

My sister bought my son a plush Pokeball for Christmas. He has NEVER been into stuffed animals but this damn Pokeball MUST go to bed with him. One morning he wakes up and refuses to leave it in bed, so he must bring it to get ready for school. Having an infant on my hip, I did not argue. Whatever. Bring your Pokeball.. Now I know the dangers of a preschooler holding anything when sitting on the potty. But in the middle of baby diaper change, a screaming hysterical cries are coming from the bathroom. I KNOW what happened. But I am stressed, getting two kids ready for the day and myself ready for work alone. I get mad and yell “WHAT?!?!?! WHAT IS IT?! WHY ARE YOU CRY?!” Sure Enough, plush Pokeball is floating in a bowl of pee pee. So I fish it out, and receive even more hysterical cries as I refuse to give it to him. “No you can’t have it. You peepee-ed on it. So here comes 7am load of laundry to ensure PokeBall is fresh for bedtime that night.

Still distraught, I was magically able to get him to dress himself. And, at the time, I thought the whole thing was pretty funny, so I snapped this picture.


Later in the day, I would come back to the picture and see his heartbreak. And it broke my heart. Like when you get a scoop of ice cream from the icream truck and after he drives away the ice cream falls off your cone. My poor little boy. I wanted to leave work immediate and give him a hug, hand him his precious PokeBall and let him know that I will always be there for him and I remember that feeling when I was little, but no one was there to hold me. Because when I was little, that was the most dumb reason to cry and no one thought it necessary to console me. I would soon get over it and move on. And I did.

So I stop myself. If I grow up to be an emotionally aware, healthy, happy adult MAYBE my parent’s hands off approach to parenting is better than my goal in life to make sure my kids never cry. Mommy never protected me from bullies, or gave me immunity to confess when I had messed up. I was left alone to figure it out and find a way to make it through each day, and I am now extremely resilient because of it. Everything I have is because I effing figured it out myself. I made mistakes… SOOOO many mistakes, but they did not destroy me.

So now what? Do I refuse to acknowledge my son’s struggles to listen and understand as he grows into a young man? When he was little, I did not understand that one must be taught how to play with toys. I never knew that I had to teach my son how to play with action figures and cars and even sports balls. I always thought he should instantly be able to mimic and duplicate what he has seen on TV or what mommy and daddy do. HUGE mommy fail. I was embarrassed, ashamed, and sad for my son. I felt I have a duty as a mother to teach him EVERYTHING, and in the rush of routine and habit began to just do things for him, rather than giving him the encouragement to try himself. Failed again.

What the heck am I doing?!!?

Am I really raising another generation of entitled brats that feel that the world owes them something? Will he think that woman but always take care of men and provide their every need? Will he resent me as an adult for not giving him the opportunity to fail? Or will he hate me because I let him, and every other parent held their kid’s hand on the balance beam of life so they would not lose their balance, while he lays on the floor helplessly watching them succeed?!?! AHHHH!!!

I want my children to have every opportunity that I did not. Maybe not monetarily, but emotionally have the strength to do and be what they need and want. My tactics change everyday because they do.

In closing I will leave you with a gem I was given recently but a 6th grade Science teacher who told me to keep this in my heart when I feel like the worst mom in the world.

“When your kid does something ridiculous, harmful, angry, or otherwise undesirable, just remember this one thing before you lose your cool… Their brains aren’t fully formed yet.”